This stack is AMAZING! I've lost 17 pounds and have never looked or felt better. I'll be an Inno Supps customer for life! Ashley Stylez

Thermo Shred Stack

Inno Shred™ - Night Shred™ - Inno Cleanse™ - Volcarn 2000
Thermo Shred Stack
Thermo Shred Stack
Thermo Shred Stack
Thermo Shred Stack
Thermo Shred Stack
This stack is AMAZING! I've lost 17 pounds and have never looked or felt better. I'll be an Inno Supps customer for life! Ashley Stylez

Thermo Shred Stack

Inno Shred™ - Night Shred™ - Inno Cleanse™ - Volcarn 2000
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Simeon Working Out

Take Your Fat-Burning To The Max

With The Thermo Shred Stack

Rev up your metabolism and force your body to torch stubborn fat cells from the inside out with the Thermo Shred Stack! Hit fat cells from every angle for next-level energy and amplified weight loss. Inno Shred and Night Shred will give you around-the-clock fat-burning — while also giving you the best sleep imaginable allowing your body to recoup and recover.

Annihilate hard-to-lose fat and get clean, long-lasting energy with Volcarn 2000 — then give your gut a total reset with Inno Cleanse to amplify your fat-burning to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF!

Simeon Working Out

Inno shred

Daytime Fat Burner

Burn fat around the clock, skyrocket metabolism and get next-level energy with a combination of ingredients including grains of paradise and Capismax®.

  • Continue to burn calories even AFTER you exercise
  • Dramatically Speed Up Metabolism
  • Reduce Hunger Cravings
  • Increase BAT (brown adipose tissue)

  • 100mgCAPSIMAX
  • 300mgGREEN TEA
  • 300mgCLA
Inno Shred Supplement Facts

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (2 capsules) 1 to 2 times daily. For best results, take 30-60 minutes before meals or your workout.


  • Will Inno Shred help me burn fat?

    Burning Fat, improving the metabolism, and helping mildly curb your appetite is exactly what Inno Shred is designed for. Our formula contains extremely effective fat burning and metabolism igniting ingredients. We can’t wait to hear about your results after you try it

  • How do you recommend taking Inno Shred?

    We recommend taking 1 Inno Shred capsule first thing in the am and 1 in the afternoon or taking both pre workout. If you want to increase your dose, you can take up to 4 a day. If you want to limit caffeine, you can always mix and match Inno Shred with Inno Shred stim free (contains zero caffeine).

  • I’m sensitive to caffeine. Can I take Inno Shred?

    If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can always start with 1 capsule to gauge your reaction or just opt for Inno Shred Stim free which will give you the same fat burning benefits, without the added stimulants.

Night Shred

Nighttime Fat Burner

Night Shred maximizes the quantity and quality of your sleep while priming your body to accelerate the fat burning process.

Good sleep equals a great next day workout, plus proper muscle recovery maxes your previous workout.

  • GABA

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 30 minutes before bed with or without food.


  • Can I take this product combined with Inno Shred or Volcarn 2000?

    Inno Shred, Volcarn 2000, and Night Shred can be taken in the same day together, but not at the same time! We recommend taking Night Shred six to eight hours after your last dose of Inno Shred and Volcarn 2000.

  • Will Night Shred show up on a drug test for athletes?

    While our products do not contain PEDs, we recommend checking over the label with your sports regulating committee before taking any supplement.

  • Can I take this with my thyroid/blood pressure/ prescription medication?

    Please review the label with your physician before making a purchase.

Volcarn 2000

Thermogenic Fat-Burning Carnitine

Get ready to SWEAT with Volcarn 2000! You'll feel this potent fat-burning formula get to work as it metabolizes your fat cells to use for clean, powerful energy.

  • Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout
  • Burn Fat for up to 3 hours After Taking
  • Skyrocket Energy
  • Supercharge Metabolism

  • 2,000mgL-CARNITINE
  • 25mgGBEEC
Volcarn Supplement Facts

Directions: Take 1 serving 30 minutes before your workout. One capful amounts to approximately 2 servings. You can work your way up to 3 servings max per day.


  • Will I burn more fat while taking Volcarn 2000?

    Taking Volcarn is extremely beneficial towards burning more fat and improving natural energy levels. We highly recommend stacking it with Inno Shred and HMB for maximal results. Inno Shred will synergistically help boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat while HMB helps prevent muscular breakdown.

  • Volcarn makes me hot and sweat easier. Is this normal?

    Absolutely! Volcarn increases ATP and is a powerful thermogenic, meaning it will ignite your metabolism and cause you to feel a warm sensation. This effect usually lasts 2-3 hours

  • Does it matter when I take Volcarn?

    It does but timing is not nearly as important as taking it consistently. Ideally, you want to take a dose 20 minutes prior to your workout. This will ensure that your ATP stores are at peak capacity which will help maximize your physical and mental performance in and out of the gym.

Inno Cleanse

Full Body Detox

Safely and gently flush out built-up toxins from your gut and intestines with ingredients that soothe the stomach and improve overall digestive health.

  • Ease Occasional Constipation
  • Reduce Bloating and Water Retention
  • Curb Cravings and Support Weight Loss
  • Revitalize Energy Levels

Inno Cleanse Supplement Facts

Directions: Take 2 capsules a day. You may increase your dose to 3 capsules before bedtime for 10 days. Do not exceed 3 capsules per day. Use for up to 14 days at a time once per month or as needed. Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Is Inno Cleanse Safe?

    Inno Cleanse uses all natural ingredients to safely cleanse the body from the inside out. You can expect your 'excretions' to be much larger and bulkier than normal. Inno Cleanse is considered a natural laxative, without the watery or diarrhea effects.

  • Will Inno Cleanse give me diarrhea?

    Inno Cleanse should not give you diarrhea. It usually gives customers more frequent bowel movements that are 'bulkier' than usual. This is your body excreting built up waste trapped inside your intestines.

  • Is it true that Inno Cleanse can trim?

    Absolutely! Most of our customers see an almost immediate flattening of the stomach due to excreting built up waste and decreasing bloating and water retention.

Thermo shred stack gives you an unfair advantage in burning fat and boosting metabolism

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thermo shred stack

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